Fetch Fits: Dress Up This Valentine’s Day!


Jessica Vanderbeck

Valentine’s Day is rapidly approaching, and students are offered the chance to dress up.

Jess Vanderbeck, Reporter

Valentine’s Day is approaching, which means love, love, and more love- or chocolate, chocolate, and more chocolate, depending on who you ask. No matter how you choose to celebrate Valentine’s Day, you can celebrate in style this Tuesday, February 14th. The Junior Class (in association with the Math Club) is holding a Valentine’s Day dress down event for only $2. You can wear your favorite pink, red, or white outfit while you celebrate!

While the only real requirements for this dress down are to don festive colors and stay within a few regulations (like nothing too short,) take it as an opportunity to be a dress-up day. Instead of wearing a basic pink or red t-shirt, opt for a cute dress or a snazzy button-up. Break out those pink converse you bought years ago and never wore outside of the shoe store or experiment with festive hair or glittery makeup. But the dress-down fun doesn’t stop there. The thespians will also be hosting a fundraiser/ dress-down pajama day on Thursday. “I use dress down days as a chance to showcase cultural outfits, and it’s really fun to have that.” says Kore Danish, a freshman creative writer.

Dress down days mean more flair- and way less ironing. Make your two dollars count, people!