A Second Chance for Prospective OCSA Students


From OCSA Website

Loran Massey, Reporter

OCSA is opening its doors once again to welcome aspiring artists with a second round of auditions. Any and all interested students from Osceola county are encouraged to audition, including those that may have been refused admission before for a particular art area (although encouraged to audition for another art they are devoted to). There will be a single day provided for these auditions, 5.19.18, and all applications must be received before 5.16.18 to be considered. Using the online application system available on OCSA’s website, potential students will receive confirmation their application was received, followed by an e-mail with the specific time for their audition. All art areas may be auditioned for, the specific requirements for each major’s auditions provided on the website as well as any other requirements for the auditions overall.

Although all are welcomed to audition, OCSA Administration asks that all “please understand that space plays an important role when accepting students.” All parts of the prospective student’s academic career are considered, and this includes how much space is available for the student in question. Regardless, all are encouraged to audition for the art area of their devotion and to give their all in said audition.

Best wishes and best of luck to all students hoping to join the OCSA community!